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Royal Adventure Travel


Japan Tours

3229 Koapaka St. Honolulu, HI 96819 Ph.: 732-2211

Contact: Patsy Orita Chun
cell phone: (808)497-9965
fax: (808) 833-9942

Here's why you should choose an escorted Japan tour ..........

A Royal Adventure Travel escorted Japan tour beats "doing it on your own."

  • There will be someone (me) to find out all the details so you know when to go, where to go and how to go so you don't "miss out" on any of the best attractions. Someone to take care of arranging to have all your heavy luggage with you without having to strain your back. Someone who'll be sure to take care of simple problems like where to eat, where to buy that special souvenir, etc.

  • There will be someone (your driver) who'll get you there without having to spend hours studying routes and sometimes finding that the routes have been altered and no longer leads you to your destination.

  • There will be someone (our English-speaking guides) who can really give you the "low down" on all the sights you visit which you can't always get by reading pamphlets.

No frustration, no tension, no stress. Just a relaxing vacation with wonderful memories in the making as you take it all in. Let our drivers, English-speakng guide and me make that vacation a reality for you. Contact me today to get information and a reservation form for a tour that you'd like to go on.

Here are the tours I will be escorting in 2012

2012 Japan Tours

I would be happy to send you an itinerary for any of the tours or cruises that are in our program. Please contact me by phone or e-mail. Thank you for your interest in Royal Adventure Travel's products.

Summer in Japan
June 4 - 13
10 days
New Tour: Autumn in Japan Alps, Nihon Kai and Hiroshima
departing October 17
12 days
Kyushu Okinawa Tour
November 8 - 18
12 days
Discover and Explore Japan!
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