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Tidbits for Japan Tours

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What is a "tidbit?" A tidbit is a small piece of news or interesting information.
Example: I just heard a juicy tidbit about Japan.

Visit Japan

Here's a video message from "Arashi" the popular Japanese music group...sending the message that "People all over Japan are waiting for you to visit"...Check it out...

Japan National Tourism Organization | Message from


Join our Popular Summer in Japan Tour

It's time to start planning your summer vacation. Japan has worked hard to recover and is now ready and waiting to show visitors a good time. Our very popular Summer in Japan tour needs a few more participants to make it a "go."

This great tour has something for everyone: Amusement park; Anime destinations; cultural sites in Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kamakura and Tokyo; shopping; onsen; and scenic wonders like Mt. Fuji and Hakone's Owakudani Valley. This tour has been enjoyed by children, young adults, older adults. It is a perfect family vacation.

Contact me and join me for a wonderful time in summer 2012.

Sign up Early for Escorted Tours

If you are interested in a tour but just waiting to make a reservation for it, here are some factors you may want to consider:
  • More people signing up early helps to keep a tour from cancelling (at least 10 to 12 people about 9 months prior to the departure date). Some agencies will cancel a tour that does not show much interest early so those signed up for it can begin making other plans.
  • Airline reservations and purchases are made in the order of sign up.
  • Early booking often brings discounts---up to $100 in the earliest instances.
  • Of course, once you have reserved space on a tour, you have ample time to prepare yourself for your trip.

Best Time to Visit Japan

Japan is a destination for all seasons. But for most people the two favorite times of the year are spring and fall.

From late March to late May traveling from south to north the beautiful cherry blossoms create a beautiful setting to celebrate "beginnings." In Japan April is the start of the new business year, schools start their acadamic year and many embark on new adventures at this time. It is also a time for hanami (enjoying the cherry blossoms).

Fall is a great time to enjoy the colors of the leaves and fall festivals. Chrysanthemums, the emperor's favorite flower is the star of many fall celebrations. Parks and forests show off their fall colors at that time. The weather in fall is cool, crisp and inviting.

Winter brings the excitement of many snow festivals in the northern parts of Japan....especiallly in Hokkaido. Snow sculptures and carvings, drift ice cruises and snow play dominate the scene. You can hear the happy squeals of young and old as they enjoy the invigorating cold.

Hokkaido is the favored destination for summer when the southern part of Japan is hot and humid. From late June to August Hokkaido is springlike with fields of lavender and other flowers creating acres of bright colored patchwork. The National Parks in Hokkaido are alive with interesting flora and fauna, too.

Any seasons, anywhere, Japan is a fabulous destination. Culture, history, friendly people, delicious food, beautiful scenery and great shopping all combine to make Japan an unforgettable travel destination you'll want to visit again and again.

Let me take you there for a grand vacation. Please contact me if you would like to know more about our tours.

Discover and Explore Japan!
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