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Royal Adventure Travel


Kyushu Okinawa Tour

3229 Koapaka St. Honolulu, HI 96819

Contact: Patsy Orita Chun
cell phone: (808)497-9965
fax: (808) 833-9942

Kyushu ( literally "nine provinces") is Japan's third largest island, located southwest of the main island Honshu. An early center of Japanese civilization, it offers many historic treasures, modern cities and natural beauty.

Okinawa, created by a unique history, subtropical climate, and the beautiful surrounding ocean is home to a mystical culture and history and overwhelming expanse of Mother Nature.

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$100 early booking discount expires February 28, 2012

Depart: November 8, 2012 Return: November 19, 2012

Tour No. KOT-1108-12

Tour Price (per person): *$5995 Twin, $5970 Triple, $6840 Single
*Based on 2012 land price and 2011 bulk air fare


Day 1 – Thursday, November 8..........HONOLULU / FUKUOKA
We leave Honolulu via air for Fukuoka. Due to crossing the International Date Line, you will lose one day.

Day 2 – Friday, November 9..........FUKUOKA

We arrive at Fukuoka Airport in the afternoon. After completion of government formalities, we transfer to our hotel in Fukuoka City in the early evening. Our guide and escort will help you explore places to enjoy dinner on your own tonight. Accommodation is located in the city center.

Day 3 – Saturday, November 10...........FUKUOKA / IMARI / NAGASAKI (B)

Breakfast at hotel. This morning, we leave Fukuoka for Imari to visit the Imari-yaki pottery kiln in Okawachiyama. This was once the home of kilns under the direct supervision of the Nabeshima clan which produced such masterpieces as "Iro-Nabeshima", "Nabeshima-Sometsuke" and "Nabeshima-Seiji". Okawachiyama is home to over thirty pottery establishments. Then we proceed to Nagasaki passing over the Saikai Bridge where you can view the swirling waters of the straits. Our sightseeing tour of Nagasaki City will include the Glover Mansion, Japan’s oldest Western-style house and the scene of Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly; Oura Cathedral, the oldest wooden gothic style structure built by Father Petitjean as a dedication to the 26 Martyrs who died on Nishizaka Hill; and the Peace Memorial Park, which was built to commemorate the dropping of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 and to promote a peaceful world. Dinner is on your own with the help of the escort and our guide. Would you like to try the Nagasaki Champon tonight? Accommodationis in the heart of the city. Join your escort and guide to explore our environment tonight.

Day 4 - Sunday, November 11.....NAGASAKI / SHIMABARA / KUMAMOTO / KIRISHIMA (B) (D) Breakfast at our hotel. We leave Nagasaki for Unzen to visit Unzen Jigoku. Jigoku, means Hell. A peculiar smell of sulfur emitted from the springs, and white smoke rising from the ground covers a wide area. This is a striking reminder that Unzen Volcano is still very much alive. These springs are highly valued by the Japanese even now as according to Buddhist teaching, "If you live in a bad manner, you cannot go to Paradise, but rather, you will fall into the Hell of Agony.” Then, we proceed to Shimabara with a short stop at Fukae to visit Mt. Fugen Eruption Museum. In 1990, a peak in Mount Unzen -- Mount Fugen -- erupted for the first time in almost 200 years, killing several dozen people on its eastern slope and leaving behind a huge lava dome. We will then leave Shimabara for Kumamoto by ferry. We arrive at the Kumamoto Port and depart for Kirishima via the Ebino Plateau noted for their autumn foliage. We will make a brief visit to the Kirishima Shrine, an important site in the creation mythology of Japan. It was in this area that the god Ninigi no Mikoto, grandson of the sun goddess Amaterasu, is said to have descended from heaven to rule over the earth. Tonight you will have your first opportunity to relax in the onsen and restore your travel weary body. Dinner and accommodation will be at an onsen hotel tonight.

Day 5 - Monday, November 12..........KIRISHIMA / KAGOSHIMA / CHIRAN / IBUSUKI (B) (D)

Breakfast at our hotel. In the morning, we depart on a city tour of Kagoshima, visiting Iso Garden Park , Shiroyama Park, and the Cemetery of Saigo Takamori. Kagoshima, once called Satsuma is where Atsuhime, the main character in the a recent Taiga drama, grew up. We will be visiting Iso Garden and the adjacent museum which holds many historical treasures of Shimadzu family and Satsuma clan artifacts. Shiroyama Park overlooks the city of Kagoshima and Sakurajima, a volcanic island. We also stop at the graveyard which is dedicated to over 200 soldiers including Saigo Takamori who fought in the Seinan war. We then proceed to Chiran. Chiran is an example of the “fortress towns” which maintained the security of the province for the ruling family. The homes are all former samurai family residences or Bukeyashiki. In fact, the road which visitors walk along to reach each home is known as “Samurai Lane." We also visit the Kamikaze Pilots Museum. Outside the shrine grounds is an actual World War II fighter plane. The museum displays photos, letters, and artifacts from the war. The shrine and town is littered with row upon row of stone lanterns. Each lantern is inscribed with a soldier’s name and includes a place to insert a candle. When all the lanterns are lit up, it is very moving. After the tour of Chiran, we proceed to Ibusuki Spa. Another great opportunity to enjoy the onsen. Dinner and accommodations at an onsen hotel.

Day 6 - Tuesday, November 13..........IBUSUKI / SAKURAJIMA / MIYAZAKI / AOSHIMA (B) (D)

Breakfast at our hotel. This morning we are bound for Sakurajima. It is one of the most active volcanoes in Japan with major eruptions in 1914 and 1947. It still spews ash and often has a steam cloud near the top. Sakurajima used to be an island but lava flows of the 1914 eruption plugged the channel with lava, joining Sakurajima to the mainland of Kyushu. For us coming up from Ibuski, we need to take the ferry from Kagoshima. The ferry line is very efficient - the ferry ride is only 14 minutes. Sakurajima is part of the Kiroshima-Yaku National Park, and its lava flows are a major tourist attraction. One of the main agricultural products of Sakurajima is a huge white radish (daikon). Then, we proceed along the scenic Nichinan Coast. South of Miyazaki city the Nichinan Coast is famous for its beautiful scenery, beaches, and a coastline of exposed and eroded rock sea floor, which is weirdly shaped like rippling waves. It is known as Oni-no-Sentaku Iwa, or The Ogre's Washboard. Here, too, is one of the most famous sights associated with Miyazaki -- Aoshima, a tiny island less than a mile in circumference and connected to the mainland via a long walkway. Surrounded by rippled rock in low tide, it is covered with Betel palms and subtropical plants. Its center is a small vermilion-colored shrine, Aoshima Jinja, dedicated to the first Emperor Jimmu's grandparents. We spend our night in a splendid onsen hotel located in Miyazaki which overlooks the beach. A great night to enjoy the onsen or even join your escort for a walk on the broadwalk along the beach to Aoshima. Dinner and accommodations at an onsen hotel.

Day 7 – Wednesday, November 14..........AOSHIMA / TAKACHIHO GORGE / BEPPU (B) (L) D)

Breakfast at our hotel. We leave Aoshima for Takachiho Gorge via Miyazaki. Upon arrival, we will go on a tour of Takachiho Gorge, a narrow chasm cut through the rock by the Gokase River. It is also well-known as the place to view eerie rock formations and splendid autumn colors. We will be enjoying lunch at Chiho-no-Iye Restaurant in the area. We continue on to Beppu via to visit a natural habitat zoo and “Jigoku”, the hells of hotsprings Our first visit is to Takasakiyama Monkey Park which faces Beppu Bay. Mt. Takasaki in Seto Inland Sea National Park serves as a habitat for Japanese macaques. The approximately 1,700 monkeys are divided into three groups, and show up every day at the Yoseba gathering area to the delight of visitors. Geothermal pits are the trademarks of Beppu. It's said that the boiling waters and fumes spewing out of the earth from 250-300 meters below look like the boiling waters of Jigoku (hell) itself, which is where these pits derived their name. From the bright red waters of Chi-no-Ike Jigoku (Pool of Blood Pit) to the cool looking yet scalding cobalt-blue waters of Umi Jigoku (Ocean Pit) to the boiling waters that spout 20m into the air from the mouth of Tatsumaki Jigoku (Tornado Pit), each pit is unique in its own way. Dinner and accommodations at an onsen hotel.

Day 8 - Thursday, November 15 BEPPU / MT. ASO / KUMAMOTO (B)

Breakfast at our hotel. We leave the hotel for Mt. Aso via scenic Yamanami Highway . We will take a cable car ride to the crater of Mt. Aso for a full view of this great volcano. After Mt. Aso, we continue on to Kumamoto. En route, we may make a brief stop at Musashi-zuka or the Graveyard of Miyamoto Musashi, a famous swordsman. In Kumamoto, we will be visiting Kumamoto Castle and Suizenji Park. Dinner is on your own. Your guide and escort will accompany you to places where you will be able to explore the local foods. Accommodations in a hotel within the city.

Day 9 – Friday, November 16..........KUMAMOTO / YAME / HAKI / DAZAIFU / FUKUOKA / OKINAWA (B)

Breakfast at our hotel. In the morning, we proceed to Yame City and visit the Yame Traditional Crafts Hall. You will be able to participate in making “Washi” or traditional Japanese Paper with your own hands. Then, we will proceed to Haki and enjoy Kaki-gari or Persimmons picking. After Haki, we continue on to the Fukuoka Airport. Enroute, you may make a brief stop at the Dazaifu Tenman Shrine to see its wonderful chrysanthemum flower display. We will continue on to the Fukuoka Airport for our flight to Okinawa. It will take about an hour and 40 minutes to the Naha Airport in Okinawa . After arrival we will transfer to our hotel in Naha City. Dinner is on your own tonight. We spend the next 2 nights at our hotel.

Day 10 – Sarturday, November 17..........OKINAWA (SOUTHERN PART) (B) (L)

Breakfast at our hotel. Sightseeing of Southern Part of Okinawa Island, we will be visiting the Okinawa World where you will visit Gyokusendo Stalactite Cave and enjoy “Eisa” dance and a Taiko drum performance. We will also visit Himeyuri-no-to Monument and Mabuni Hill are sites which are sad reminders of events during World War II. A Teppan-yaki lunch at a leading restaurant is in store for you. After lunch we will visit the famous Shuri Castle. After the tour we return to our hotel in Naha. Dinner tonight is on your own.

Day 11 – Sunday, November 18...........OKINAWA (CENTRAL AND NORTHERN PART) (B) (L) (D)

Breakfast at our hotel. We will spend all day sightseeing the central and northern parts of Okinawa Island. We start with a visit to Ryukyu-mura Village Open Air Museum and Manzano Beach to see the soaring cliffs. After lunch we will visit the newly renovated aquarium and enjoy a dolphin show at the Okinawa Oceanic Exposition Memorial Park. It is the largest aquarium in the Orient. After the tour, we return to our hotel. In the evening we will enjoy a farewell dinner which includes Ryukyu Dance entertainment at a nice restaurant in Naha City. We spend the night at the same hotel.

Day 12 – Monday, November 19..........OKINAWA / TOKYO / HONOLULU (B)

Breakfast at our hotel. We will leave the hotel for Naha Airport. We depart Okinawa in the early afternoon via Tokyo for Honolulu. We arrive Honolulu International Airport in the morning on the same day. We gain one day crossing the International Date Line.

The tour includes:

• In addition to meals and snacks served on our various flights,10 full breakfasts (Western or Japanese), 3 lunches and 5 delicious dinners (Western or Japanese)

• a variety of onsen experiences

• a group picture

• entrance fee to all the places as specified on the itinerary

• a chartered air-conditioned motorcoach throughout the tour

• an English speaking guide and the Royal Adventure Travel escort throughout the trip.

• a well designed overnight bag

This tour must have at least 20 members to operate.


Every effort has been made to produce this itinerary without error.

Should any occur, we reserve the right to correct.

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